Flores la Conchita

Flores la Conchita

Miguel de Germán-Ribón, Flores la Conchita’s founder, had been growing roses to sell at the local market when he heard of David Cheever, a graduate student in horticulture at Colorado State University, who wrote his thesis on “Bogotá, Colombia as a Cut-Flower Exporter for World Markets.” Inspired by his study, Miguel de Germán-Ribón started growing carnations for export.

His first shipment in 1967 was Colombia’s first cut flower export of carnations.

Today, Flores la Conchita has a broad portfolio of products including: Alstroemerias, White Callas, Hydrangeas and Ranunculus. In Alstroemeria we are the largest producers of Perfection, a patented production, grading and presentation system, that guarantees the highest flower quality and market recognition. Our product diversity and management expertise allows us to adapt our products and shipments to the ever-changing specifications of importers and wholesalers worldwide.

Since the beginning, our philosophy and principles have been centered on social and ecological responsibility, so we proudly follow the requirements of Florverde for social, labor and ecological standards.

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