Timana Flowers

Timana Flowers

Located just one kilometer away from the small town of El Rosal, only 20 kilometers away from Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá. This is where the 14 hectare farm called Los Melos has over 9 hectares of state of the art greenhouses dedicated to growing the 18 varieties of Premium Roses that are sure to blow you away with sheer performance and color.

The farm has exceptionally fertile land with arable soils and abundant water sources which make it ideal for cut flower growing. We pride ourselves on the eco-friendly management that has taken place in the farm for over three decades which proves itself sustainable with only positive effects on our soil and surrounding communities.

Los Melos was engineered to recycle rain water directly into our three reservoirs to be used to grow our world class roses. We control and test our waters constantly in order to guarantee PH levels, salinity and many other variables that are part of the key factors that maximize our rose growth cycles and vase life for the final consumer. We constantly reuse our vegetable waste after it undergoes a composting process in order to boost the nutrients in our soils. We value all natural resources immensely and believe that proper water and waste management and recycling are the only way to create an agro-industrial business for future generations.

We are very proud to have our own propagation program which ensures the best quality from the very origin through the entire growing process. We grow our products oriented towards demanding markets and long life cycles which gives us stable quality on a year round basis, so no matter when you buy or when we ship, you can always expect the best quality from Timaná.

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