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Terms of Service



BelaStem uses UPS to ship each package. Shipping is FREE to buyers. All shipping, taxes, and fees are handled by BelaStem and/or are included in the all inclusive pricing. Order requests will be fulfilled within 2-5 business days. Please pay close attention to order deadlines on product pages for your desired delivery dates.


Order Day

(Daily Deadline: 9:00am EST)

Arrives in Miami

(flowers are flown overnight)

Arrival Day to US Based Customers

(Delivery will be before noon or by end of day depending on your zip code)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday (currently not available) Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday (currently not available) Thursday Friday
Thursday* (currently not available) Friday Monday
Friday Saturday Monday
* Please note: Saturday delivery is not currently offered.



Order Day

(Daily Deadline: 9:00am EST)

Arrives in Bogotá

Arrives in Miami

(flowers are flown overnight)

Anticipated arrival day to US based customers

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Tuesday (currently not available) Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday* (currently not available) Friday Saturday Monday
Friday Saturday Monday Tuesday
* Please note: Saturday delivery is not currently offered.

Timing your order 

Please note that orders need to be placed by 9am EST on the day of shipment in order for the farm to process and ship your order that day. Orders placed outside of normal business orders will be processed the following morning. For example, if you place an order at 5:30pm on Monday, the order will be processed Tuesday morning and shipped on Tuesday evening.


BelaStem makes every effort to ensure successful delivery on stated dates and the majority of orders will be delivered as scheduled. However, weather, mechanical problems and other unforeseen circumstances may preclude delivery on a stated date.


If you are ordering for a specific event, please consider timing your order to receive your flowers 2-3 days prior to your event. BelaStem will not issue credits or refunds or packages delivered within 24 hours of the stated delivery date as UPS reserves the right to delivery the package within 24 hours of the stated date of delivery.

Receiving your order

Delivery Addresses

Please note we cannot deliver to a PO Box. Shipments will be delivered to the address provided on the BelaStem platform, so please ensure that the shipping address for your order is accurate and correct. If you provide an incorrect address and the shipment needs to be re-routed or is delivered to an incorrect address, a service fee will be incurred. Additionally, BelaStem is a B2B commercial service, so delivered to residential addresses will incur a $4 fee. This is a fee that UPS charges for deliveries to non commercial addresses. BelaStem currently can only receive and fulfill orders within the continental United States (lower 48).


Taking possesion of the packages

UPS will require a signature for delivery which will take place during regular business hours. Please be sure that you or a staff member are available to receive the order. BelaStem is not responsible for lost or stolen products. BelaStem is not responsible for products left in incremental weather. Please immediately inspect your product upon arrival for quality, accuracy, and other details. BelaStem will requires that any order disputes or claims are filed within 24 hours of receiving the package. See "Claims and Disputes" for more details. 


Changes and cancellations

Because of our quick order fulfillment direct from the farm, orders placed for delivery in the same week (or early the next), cannot be changed or canceled. Orders placed for delivery 2-4 weeks in advance require 5 business days' notice of change or cancellation prior to the fulfillment date (the date the flowers will be packed and shipped by the farm, typically 3-4 days prior to your delivery date). Change requests will depend on farm inventory availability at the time of the requested change and may not be able to change order based on new requests.


All order cancellations are subject to a 15% surcharge.


All change and cancellation requests must be submitted by email to [email protected].


Claims and disputes

If you receive the incorrect product, damaged product, or have reason to believe that the product is inconsistent with your original order, you will need to email [email protected] WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving your product. Unfortunately, BelaStem cannot process claim or refund appeals after 24 hours of your receipt of the delivery. The email must include the order number, photos showing the box and shipping label the flowers arrived in as well as a photo of the flower(s) that are the subject of the claim.

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