San Francisco Gardens

San Francisco Gardens

San Francisco Gardens is a family owned and operated Colombian Company. Our main farm is ideally located only 10 miles from Rionegro International Airport. We opened a consolidation depot and office less than two minutes from the airport; all in an effort to provide the freshest possible flowers. 


We grow a wide variety of Hydrangeas, from the basic White, Blue and Baby Green, to Natural Purple, Lavender, Light Purple, Lemon, Antique Blue, Antique Green, Jumbo White and Jumbo Blue, Shocking Blue, Sage green , Mojito Green among others. 

Our standard packing is in half, quarter and eight boxes. Our strict selection process guarantees that our clients receive only the finest of our production. The Management and Staff at San Francisco Gardens all work hard to provide the best possible product and service to our clients. This quality and standard of service is widely recognized in the marketplace.


San Francisco Gardens is proud that all of its flowers are certified by Rainforest Alliance, which protects ecosystems and wildlife habitats, conserves water and soil, and promotes decent and safe working conditions.

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