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Step by Step Guide to Selling on BelaStem

1. Create an account with your business details. Once you have completed the basic fields, a BelaStem representative will be in contact with you.


2. Speak with a BelaStem Representative to discuss your product catalog and pricing. Once you have created your basic account, a BelaStem representative will contact you about product pricing and shipping details. Once you have coordinated with a BelaStem representative on pricing and logistics onboarding, you will be ready to sell on BelaStem!


3. Review How it Works, Grower Quality Commitment Guide, and other helpful pages. Learn all about working on BelaStem, review internal deadlines for fulfillment and shipping.


4. Register your US based bank account with BelaStem for payment. Once you have spoken with a BelaStem Representative and reviewed the Grower Quality Commitment Guide, you will receive an email with a link to set up your account for automatic payments.


5. Work with BelaStem staff to upload your products, product photos, build your storefront and start selling!


6. Update your daily and or weekly product availability. Once your product catalog and photos have been uploaded to BelaStem, it is easy to upload via a CSV file your weekly availability through your Vendor Portal account.


7. Receive and process orders directly from customers. You will receive orders directly from the customers! Customers will need to submit their orders by 9am EST to ship that day. For example, if you receive an order by 9am on a Monday, you would process that order for delivery that day to the UPS facility. If you were to receive the order at 11am on Monday, you can process the order for Tuesday delivery to the UPS facility. We ask that you accept orders within 2 hours of receiving the order within normal business hours. If a customer places an order at 5pm on a Monday, you would not be asked to accept the order until the first thing on Tuesday.


8. Process the orders. You will receive notifications via email and an alert on the Belastem platform. Once you receive an order, it is very simple to process the order through the BelaStem platform. 


There are 4 easy steps to fulfill an order:

  • When notified that you have an order, Press “Accept.”
  • Print the shipping label that is generated automatically within the BelaStem platform with the customer’s address.
  • Print the post harvest instruction sheet and Purchase Order Receipt (or PO) that will be included in the box for the customer.
  • Ship to your local UPS airport facility.


9. Pack flowers per instructions and include Purchase Order Receipt (or PO) in the box prior to sealing and sending the product. Ensure flowers are delivered to the UPS facility prior to their daily deadline. 


10. Get Paid! Once the customer receives the order, they will have 48 hours to file a dispute if there is a problem. If the customer is satisfied, BelaStem makes your payment within 10 days after final delivery to the customer! You can log into BelaStem and access your payment or BelaStem can set up an automatic payment to your chosen US based bank account. 


11. Ensure that you update your product availability weekly!


12. Monitor your dashboard for future orders. BelaStem will allow customers to order up to four weeks in advance (outside of major holidays).


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